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by Oculyze

Octoscore 7.7

Oculyze is an award winning (Science4Life, BPW, TechnologySlam) Startup that creates custom solutions for image analysis. With our hand-held microscope and image recognition service we enable you to take a microscopic image and get a result within seconds, no expensive equipment or specific expertise required! Our vision is: Microscopic analysis for everyone, everywhere.

Our first application is "Oculyze - Better Brewing": A quick and easy analysis of brewer's yeast, with a special focus on the needs of craft breweries. We automatically determine the concentration and the cell-viability of yeast. Our device is significantly faster and significantly cheaper than the competition.
This is only the beginning however, other applications in various stages of development are: Automated sperm analysis, malaria detection and wastewater monitoring.


This seems to be a pretty great idea that you can analyse any microscope image within seconds. Beside the brewery market I think it is more suitabel for a worldwide usage like deseases in foreign countries and place far away from technical civilisation. It gives a doctor e.g. the possibility to check for harmful deseases and others. And it is probably much faster and cheaper than to send probes into a chemical institution.

Regarding the wide size usage of such a system in very different areas and categories, it will probably help a lot to defend humans against evil desease in a very early time frame. The market is probably promising because of so many different application possibilities.

The website is very informational, the explain movie could do better though. Also it focusses a lot on brewery. I think the market is not that much scalable, but health market would be. They should rework a little bit more on the visions. But I really like the idea.


You guys help making craft beer better. So you started with an instant 10 upfront ;) I also like you are giving an outlook into other possible uses in your pitch, this is indeed a very innovative approach in combining existing tech and combining it for the next cool thing. Reminds me a bit of the Wii Fit Board back in the days, which made weight/ balance sensors so cheap instantly that a whole industry got disrupted, when specialized machines previously cost 10's of thousands and where not better that that cheap "toy". You guys are on to something, keep it up! Nice clean web site as well, 1 point deducted due to the instant need of removing the unprofessional looking "Page Top" link in all your menu drop downs.


It's amazing how Oculyze commoditizes the microscope. This is technically impressive and innovative. At the same time, I'm wondering what the target market of this commoditized microscope will be. Most use cases for microscopes would likely be in R&D, and thus I'm not sure how a commodity-microscope would fare in this market. I like the "Better Brewing" use case, but it seems like a so-so choice for illustrating the viability of a business model. My suggestion to the team would be to be more clear about whom they expect to be selling to.


Product: very innovative and disruptive product
Market: very promising
Pitch: Great try compared to others


Not working in the industry that would use it: it seems like there are infinite possible applications for this product. Not sure if there's an existing competitor but facilitating "portable" microscopy to use in the field seems like a true innovation. Congrats!


Cool Idea with much potential . The market is huge and the audience well explained . We wish you success .


This a great project.

For the better brewing, we'd suggest you partner with brewing schools all around the country. These schools have students coming from all over the world.


Oculyze has created a product that can potentially change how microscopic analyses are done, not only in the scientific community, but as they show with Better Brewing, with food and drug businesses as well. We are impressed with how they have transformed a tool everyone uses into a tool only specialists use, but without the fuss and needed expertise -- meaning anyone can begin to experiment with this simple app and microscope. With their plans to create apps for many different kinds of analyses that affect our world on a grand scale (e.g. malaria detection), the power of discovering a bacterial disease or a toxic water supply will no longer just be in the hands of the scientists, but in the hands of those with smartphones. A brilliantly conceptualized and presented tool that deserves recognition.