Einfach. Schlau. Bewertet.

Simple and Clever.

Octorank offers different methods and services in order to always find the best submissions in your challenge. It’s simple and clever.

Beautiful Challenges

checkmark copy 3 Created with Sketch. Well Designed Challenges

Choose a design for your challenge from our templates and show your challenge to the world. You need some help with images and material? Choose the custom format and get lots of help from our team!

checkmark copy 3 Created with Sketch. Announce and Advertise your Challenge

Make use of our marketing service and choose one of our marketing packages. We make everyone aware of your challenge using our media partnerships, social media or performance marketing.

Neat Process

checkmark copy 3 Created with Sketch. Streamline your Process

Choose one of our preset and well tested processes for challenges, or exactly map your custom workflow with Octorank. Don’t worry about different excel sheets anymore. We easily display all your information in one tool!

checkmark copy 3 Created with Sketch. Automatic Communication

Don’t worry about contacting your participants about accepting or rejecting submissions, announcements, or updates. Octorank handles the communication for you, with customized email templates.

Smart Evaluation

Public Voting

With our public voting a big crowd can vote on your submissions, to engage the audience and have more reach. Our smart algorithms and security measurements make sure that the voting is fair and not manipulated by malware or bots.

Peer-to-Peer Evaluation

You don’t want to have any work with analysing and evaluating submissions? But still, everybody should get a lot of feedback? No problem, your participants will do this work for you! Octorank incentivises participants with psychological methods and advantages in the process to give valuable feedback to their peers. Our smart algorithms make sure that the evaluations are fair and valuable.

checkmark copy 3 Created with Sketch. Expert Detection

Octorank’s algorithms detect domain based expertise based on received peer reviews. Google ranks Webpages (PageRank), we rank content creators (PeerRank).

checkmark copy 3 Created with Sketch. Tendency Adjustment

Some reviewers are very skeptical, while some are enthusiastic about other people’s work. Octorank normalizes evaluations and adjusts personal bias.

checkmark copy 3 Created with Sketch. Dynamic Distribution

Octorank dynamically distributes submissions, to get the right submission to the right reviewer at the right time.

Jury- and Expertdecisions

With our Jury- and Expert Decision you can evaluate the submissions on your own, or invite a trusted jury to do this job for you. You don’t have to worry about distributing submissions among your evaluators or communicate with your participants, we handle that for you. You can take all your time and concentration for the actual submissions and the final decision.