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"Persona" project (Cambridge Humanae Ltd.) http://www.humanae.xyz/

by nicokirk

Entrepreneurs today are leading game-changing initiatives. But are investors putting their limited resources in the right hands? Cambridge Humanae's vision is to enable only the most flexible & resilient executors.

For this we are developing "Persona", a monitoring platform to assist enterprises with financial responsibilities, by analyzing cognitive flexibility and resilience of candidates to sensitive roles. Our two step process ensures that 1) candidates complete in multiple moments a psychological questionnaire, and then 2) Persona estimates via artificial intelligence human reliability for the role, delivering a risk assessment to investment firms. The product has high transferability to safety domains: the demand has been validated for the aviation sector.
"Persona" lies between vast and rapidly growing landscapes, namely the HR software market (est. $17.49B by 2019), and the cognitive computing domain (est. $12.5B by 2019). Our total addressable market is a meaningful $3B+.