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DIPAT Die Patientenverfügung GmbH www.dipat.de

by DIPAT Die Patientenverfügung

DIPAT is first and only provider of effective online living wills and adjoining documents (inkl. Organ Donors card).

Our unique algorithm for automated medical consultation provides a solution to the problem, that 90% of all living wills in Germany are medically ineffective. With DIPAT, anyone can generate his effective living will with only a few clicks. DIPATs integrated medical information system makes additional advice unnecessary. Signed wills are then uploaded to DIPAT to ensure 24/7 availability of the information to doctors. DIPAT users receive a signal sticker with personal retrieval code for their health insurance card. This guarantees attention of medical staff in an emergency. When a living will is retrieved by doctors, DIPAT automatically notifies a users contacts via email & SMS.

DIPAT is a B2C service launched in Jan. 2016 with a rapid monthly user growth, excellent media presence and brilliant support by the medical community.