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ello, the electric walker http://www.ello-info.de

by eMovements GmbH

eMovements provides mobility aid support for a healthier, easier lifestyle to seniors. Our product is the electric walker named ello. ello is the extension of existing walkers by an electric drive and an intelligent control system to substantially increase mobility and safety of elderly people.
Seniors from today require innovative, safety and secure mobility aids to manage their daily life such as walking, shopping and organising their private life. But, according to a study by the Robert-Bosch-Hospital in Stuttgart, today users of walkers have substantial problems while moving uphill (77%), moving downhill (83%) and in overcoming obstacles (77%).
The engine of our electric walker ello supports moving uphill, on uneven ground and when loaded (e.g. after shopping). It brakes automatically when going downhill, facilitating the overcoming of obstacles, preventing a rolling away and increase security through the lighting concept. A built-in emergency system provides additional safety.