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Inspirient https://www.inspirient.com/

by Inspirient

Did you ever wish for an extra Data Analyst on the team? A person that would crunch the numbers for you and find new insights that are strategically relevant for your business? Introducing Inspirient's Virtual Data Analyst, an Artificial Intelligence that scans your data for relevant insights and comes back to you with presentation-ready business slides. Automated end-to-end, no data preparation required, and comprehensible to every business person on the team.

It turns out that, in fact, you are not the only ones hoping to leverage AI for business analytics. IDC predicts that the Cognitive Applications market will grow to $13.4B by 2019 at an annual growth of 55% CAGR. Inspirient is already piloting its technology with top-tier consultancies, international audit companies, banks, and companies in the transport/automotive sector. We will launch the SaaS version of our AI in Q1/2017.