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taxbutler https://taxbutler.de

by m-raisch

The first mobile application that creates an tax return only from pictures (photographed with smartphone) of bills and documents.
Taxbutler is a software solution that is installed as a mobile application on the customers' smartphone. With this app, the customer can create a tax declaration with very little effort: In the current year the customer uses the app and photographs his documents. The photos of the documents are recognized, evaluated and ordered by the software (OCR). An intelligent algorithm generates the tax declaration with the data from the documents. The tax declaration is transferred from the app to the Financial Department. This kind of tax declaration is accepted and preferred by the Financial Department. An additional Elster registration is not necessary.
Taxbutler has successfully completed its Proof of Concept with more than 1,000 tax declarations. The product is available in the app stores of google and Apple for download.