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iCombine https://icombine.de/

by iCombine

We are iCombine - the startup that guides the right people to your booth at any expo by matching your company profile with the personal interests of visitors. Thus, iCombine Expo paves the way for a first targeted connection between exhibitors and visitors. We eliminate the time-consuming study of printed guides and thereby prevent disoriented wandering at events.
For visitors and exhibitors, our web application is a digital expo advisor and intelligent data base. It enables users to generate an individual expo guide within a couple of minutes. With its help, visitors will be convinced of the expo's value and be guided to matching exhibitors. Exhibiting companies will generate more leads and increase their performance by accessing our visitor data bank. Expo organizers will receive a structured overview of visitors' interests and exhibitors' offerings. Our structured analysis supports efficient planning, advertisement, implementation and evaluation of current or future events.