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by AmbiGate GmbH

Product(ICT Innovativ Award by BMWi)
eReha-a video game-based physiotherapy system for domestic and business environments. As a so-called ExerGame eReha combines medical exercises and a virtual environment to increase the motivation of the users. A 3D sensor analyses their movement and locates errors in real time. Innovative parameters measure the disease progress to dynamically adjust the exercises remotely
Over 57 Mio (55 Billion eco damage) in Germany suffer from back pain (first module, more will follow). eReha changes this therapy market fundamentally. For the first time physiotherapists can supervise the home training of their patients. Companies now have the chance to provide a preventive solution at the office
Besides the three founders with backgrounds in bioinformatics (HMI) and business, eReha also has a advisory board consisting of 7 professors + doctors. The Team works with several institutions together,f.e. the largest association with 23K therapists