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Homebell www.homebell.com

by Home3sixty

At Homebell, we believe in making lives simple. We do that by creating exceptional experiences for our customers and partners to foster reliability, trust and optimism. Together with the smartest people we leverage technology and innovative solutions to deliver reliable home improvement services. We are shaking up a dormant industry to allow hardworking craftsmen to excel and everyone to spend time on the things that matter most. We do so by creating a global brand for customers to book home improvement services conveniently online and without the necessity of a pre-visit. And we are changing the way, craftsmen acquire, plan, fulfil and book their jobs by creating a convenient craftsmen app, centralising supply and introducing new technologies to a still very non-digitized world. We are on our way to become the trusted global leader for home improvement and address a market. Our investors include Lakestar, GFC and Index Ventures.