Material Performance

We are looking for startups to measure how our plastic materials perform in real situations.
Win a 50.000€ pilot project and the chance for a long-term partnership with BASF, the world’s leading chemical company. Apply in just five minutes for a chance to win!

Startup Requirements

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Your startup has an innovative technology or product, not just consulting services
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Your product is ready-for-market, and has already been adapted for at least one existing customer
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Your solution can be combined with BASF products in a safe way
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Your solution can improve our simulations with real product behavior information
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There are no restrictions regarding location, company age, or team size to apply for this partnership.


The Challenge

As the world’s leading chemical company, BASF Group is made up of subsidiaries and joint ventures in more than 80 countries and has 115.000 employees worldwide. Being among   the largest plastics suppliers worldwide, the BASF product line for plastics is one of the most extensive and the most specialized. Currently, the BASF Performance Materials Division is producing engineering plastics, polyurethanes and insulation foams for use by customers in the transportation, construction, consumer and industrial sectors.

We are looking for a startup to measure how our plastic materials perform in real situations.

As a supplier, BASF has a solid know-how regarding the design, application, development, and simulation of parts made from our materials. However, monitoring procedures and assessing material performance from field data can be very complex, or in some cases, not currently possible. This is because currently available sensor and monitoring solutions are often affecting performance. At BASF, we envision further strengthening the interplay between our simulations, real processes and field data in order to continuously improve our material development. For this, new tools are needed.  

Our Expectations

Already think of us as your customer. For this project, we expect your startup to combine your innovative product or technology with BASF products in a safe way. By the end of the project, we expect to see the initial results of your solution with examples of its monitoring capacities.

Your product or technology should be able to address the following questions: 

  • Does your startup have sensors, or IoT technologies that can monitor plastic parts while they are in use? 
  • How can we showcase the seamless integration of sensors & lighting components in our materials?
  • What tools can best monitor plastic processing technologies, such as injection molding or foaming processes on an industrial level, and how can they be provided to our customers?
  • Can you provide a solution that collects field data without interfering with the performance of our materials?

The Process

Please take five minutes to quickly describe your solution. 

After the application deadline, our selection committee will invite up to five finalists to deliver their pitch at a representative BASF location. You will speak with key decision-makers during your visit, and also be compensated for your travel and lodging expenses.

We will then  choose up to three winners for a 50.000€ pilot project. Upon successful completion of the project, startups can officially list BASF as their customer or client. A decision will also be made on whether or not to enter a long-term partnership and whether to roll out  your startup’s solution regionally or even worldwide. 


Your budget is up to 50.000€ for a 3-6 month project.

Get a substantial starting budget

Your budget is up to 50.000€ for a 3-6 month project.
We know that implementing solutions in a corporate setting requires time and resources, and we want you to have both.
A pilot project is just the beginning...

Win BASF as a long-term partner

A pilot project is just the beginning...
After the pilot project, list BASF as a reference on your website and negotiate a local or global rollout of your solution. We want to become your long-term business partner.
Don’t pay to pitch your solution.

Travel and lodging are covered

Don’t pay to pitch your solution.
If we invite you for a pitch, we will cover your travel and lodging expenses.

Project terms

Access the project terms(PDF) here.


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    Application Deadline (extended) 2019-02-17 23:59 CET
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    Application Feedback 2019-02-28 23:59 CET
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    Pitch @BASF 2019-03-20 14:30 CET
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    Start of Pilot Project 2019-04-15 14:30 CEST
  • Start of Rollout Discussions 2019-10-01 14:30 CEST

Selection Committee

Thomas Paschkowski Digital Technology Scout, BASF
Thomas is responsible for scouting out and introducing innovative technologies based on industry 4.0 specifics - such as smart manufacturing, smart supply chain, and digital business models.
Dr. Andreas Wollny Senior Manager Digital Innovation, BASF Performance Materials
Robert Armstrong New Market Development Performance Materials, BASF North America
Alexandre Dreyer Leader Designfabrik® Asia Pacific, BASF
Alexandre Dreyer is the leader of designfabrik® Asia Pacific, the first point of contact for designers who want to use BASF performance materials in their creative work. We bridge the gap between conceptual ideas of designers and the technical possibilities offered by BASF.
Dr. Thomas Gottschalk Cluster Head Smart Innovation & Technology, BASF 4.0
Thomas drives significant parts of the senior project “BASF 4.0”, which was formed to lead the digital transformation in chemicals. He reports to the Chief Digital Officer. His cluster executes over 30 explorative lighthouse projects and scale-up programs of proven solutions in Europe, North America, and Asia. 

About Digital Challenges

With the digital challenges BASF invites startups to solve real problems and to become a longterm business partner. BASF offers first project budgets between 50.000 and 100.000€. Let's explore digital opportunities together. The deadlines are approaching soon! Learn More

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