webinale Startup Award

webinale Startup Award
Did you found the most exciting B2B startup? Convince your peers and our jury and become the superstar at webinale 2017! Get nominated or submit the URL of your website to apply for the holistic competition!

-- Update: The winners and the Glorious 20 are published. Congrats! --


Digital transformation affects more and more companies. This has implications for the startup scene: While founders were dedicated to B2C and ecommerce topics, many are now moving towards innovation in more classical industries. The "webinale Startup Award" accounts for this trend by awarding the best B2B startups. According to the holistic approach of webinale this competition designed to be as open as possible. We will only have winners: Everybody benefits from the peer-to-peer exchange and gets the chance to broaden the network by valuable contacts. And of course we have fantastic prizes for the winners! 


Winner's Pitch at Webinale


Winner's Pitch at Webinale
The three best startups of the competition win the "webinale Startup Award" and get invited to thrill the crowds with your winner's pitch on stage at the conference! It will take on Tuesday, May 30, at 6:30 p.m. in Berlin.

Conference Tickets, Books and Tutorials by S&S Media

Tickets and Media

Conference Tickets, Books and Tutorials by S&S Media
We enable your B2B startup to aquire new skills! The Top 20 each get one 1-day ticket for webinale on Tuesday, May 30, in Berlin (each worth 305€). The Top 5 each get one 5-day ticket for the International JavaScript Conference (each worth 1.750€). Also, we have hardcover books from the platfrom https://entwickler.de/press/ as well as video tutorials from the platform https://tutorials.entwickler.de/ for you!

Half-Year Pass of Co-Working by Unicorn.Berlin


Half-Year Pass of Co-Working by Unicorn.Berlin
You are already working in Berlin or plan to come over for some time? Unicorn.Berlin, the fanciest co-working space around, provides a half-year co-working pass for the winning B2B startup. You can use the pass as a single founder (six months) or split it, e.g. between two team members (=three months) or three team members (=two months). On top, enjoy a healthy winner's lunch at Unicorn.Berlin's café.

Jury Members

Frank Puscher
Consultant, speaker and marketing ninja. Having consulted Siemens, Deutsche Bank, Axel Springer, Burda and ProSieben already, Frank will have a close look at your B2B business! 

Franziska Leonhardt
Digital Consultant. With her experience from previous roles, e.g. in the leadership team of Rocket Internet SE or as COO of kloeckner.i, Franziska will judge your disruptive potential!

Arun Mani
Managing Director Continental Europe, Freshdesk. You have to convince our experienced sales leader  that you know your USP and can grow your B2B product globally!

Christoph Sollich
The "Pitch Doctor." Christoph has helped >1000 startups polishing their stories and pitches. Will you get the startup guru interested in your B2B website?

Stefanie Molzberger
Leader Startup Ecosystem, IBM Deutschland. Stefanie will tell you how convincing your product is - from the perspective of the multinational technology company!

Chiara Sommer
Senior Investment Manager, High-Tech Gruenderfonds. From Germany's most active seed stage investor Chiara knows how to spot an innovative product!